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The Legislation regarding Asbestos is clear

All non-domestic properties in the UK including the ‘Channel Islands’ built before the year 2000, which include shops, offices, cafes’, hotels, guest houses, apartments etc; should by law have taken the necessary steps to ‘Manage Asbestos’ in their premises.

The failure to carry out this duty can result in prosecution or fined by the HSE.

Tradespeople working on the fabric of the building of Domestic properties have a legal obligation under health and safety regulations to ensure an Asbestos R&D (renovation and demolition) survey is undertaken before work commences in any domestic or non-domestic property built before the year 2000.

Jersey Asbestos Limited are THE locally owned, operated Asbestos Consultancy that will provide you with a management plan to suit your business, be it a coffee shop, bank or apartment block. We can provide a management plan to suit all non-domestic property for your businesses.

What does the duty to manage asbestos involve?

The duty to manage asbestos is covered by the Heath and Safety at Work Law 1989 (Jersey). It will apply to you if you have maintenance and repair responsibilities for non-domestic premises either through a contract or tenancy agreement or because you own the premises. For Domestic Properties a contractor is in a place of work and is also covered by these guidelines. The common parts of domestic premises such as lift and stair spaces in flats also attract the duty. The duty requires you to manage the risk from asbestos by:

  • either finding out if there is asbestos in the premises, its location and what condition it is in;
  • or assessing if ACMs are liable to be present and making a presumption that materials contain asbestos unless you have strong evidence that they do not;
  • presuming materials contain asbestos, unless you have strong evidence that they do not;
  • making and keeping up to date a record of the location and condition of the ACMs or presumed ACMs in your premises;
  • assessing the risk from the material;
  • preparing a plan that sets out in detail how you are going to manage the risk from this material;
  • taking the steps needed to put your plan into action;
  • reviewing and monitoring your plan and the arrangements made to put it in place; and
  • setting up a system for providing information on the location and condition of the material to anyone who is liable to work on or disturb it.
  • Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of asbestos in your premises is required to make this available to you as the duty holder, but you will need to assess its reliability.
  • Those who are not duty holders, but control access to the premises, would have to co-operate with you in managing the asbestos.

Jersey Asbestos Limited provide your company with a management plan making your company compliant  with the Law…

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